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Evidence of Toolmaking


Since the mid 1990s I have been creating active devices, installations, and interventions in an effort to probe and better understand the relationship between man and technology. Central to my work is an interest in the expressive potential of electronic devices and in the potential for ambiguous but suggestive user interfaces to generate new modes of interaction. A set of social precedents now exists for interaction with electrical technology. When these precedents are followed but subverted or there is no clear immediate “functional” objective, a viewer’s expectations are challenged and an opportunity for reflection or commentary on the human-technology relationship is created.

My sculptures take the form of singular (as opposed to mass produced), handmade electrical/mechanical objects. These devices serve as props to precipitate interaction with, and encourage dialog about, technology. My medium is electronics, i.e., the abstracted operation of the circuitry used as an analog to the thematic focus of the sculpture. By hand building both the circuitry and the containers, I am also personally establishing emotional and physical connections to technology. My devices tend to be compact – intimate in scale and, although my installation work is more immersive and expansive, it also generally takes the form of focal, technological objects which act as portals for interaction and the transformation of the surrounding environment.


“I love technology but when people stop walking on the down escalator I get concerned.”


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Use them, abuse them, flog them, and fuse them, but never make alliances with electrical appliances


BASIC Stamp analog sensor interface
NDT, NDE, bolt fastener load measurement, medical ultrasonics, Ultrasound, Angular Spectrum Method

Steam punk, steampunk, Physical Computing, Engineering consulting services, electronics for artists,
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The Center for Electrical Technology in the Arts, Billy Kluver, Billy Kluwer, EAT, salt the eunuch, wkdu, broomall, electrocute the hair cubes, eindhoven chicken masque mask

Nai tebe kachka kopne!
wkdu wolfie meathooks meat hooks the moscow theater of musical miniatures
I don't wrestle or engage in wrestling
I'm not a State Farm Insurance Agent from Morrisville
and I'm not the bass player in the Detroit band Surrender Dorothy (but I hear they ROCK)