The Altar of Obsolescence

Over the past 20 years landline-based telecommunications technologies have been essentially eradicated, replaced by wireless technologies. And yet the relentless advance of technology continues, leaving countless obsolete relics in its wake. Generation after generation of perfectly functional devices are discarded, contributing mountains of "e-waste" to our landfills, but otherwise forgotten like the myriad carcasses of extinct species dissolving in the fossil record, covered over again and again by the strata of endlessly decommissioned future generations.

What was cutting edge, expensive, and highly desirable a few months ago is rendered undesirable, worthless, and even inoperable just a few months later.

So here we have once glorious examples of the height of technological advancement joined to the iconic symbol of their wired progenitors – the telephone pole – sacrificed on the altar of obsolescence.












More coming soon....


Chris Vecchio
Christopher Vecchio
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