Electronic Design and Acoustics Consulting for the Ultrasound Industry

Prototype Development, Construction, and Testing
for Corporate and Academic Researchers

Custom Electronics and Firmware Development
for Artists, Installations, Exhibitions, and Museums

Chris Vecchio, PhD
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Philadelphia, PA 19147
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Medical Electronics
Implantable Sensors
Product Design
Analog/RF Circuit Design
Medical and Industrial Ultrasonics
Altera FPGA
Ablation Modalities
Embedded Systems
Physical Computing
Firmware Development
Project Management
Bioelectronic Medicine
PIC Microcontrollers
Exhibition Design
Due Diligence/Tech Venture Analysis


Temple University, Adjunct Faculty, Department of Film and Media Arts, Jan 2008 - Jun 2014
Drexel University, Research Affiliate Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Jun 2009 - Jun 2014


W.L. GORE AND ASSOCIATES, Elkton, MD - Flagstaff, AZ

Translational Research Team - Medical Electronics Lead (2018 – Present)
Drove multiple early-stage research, technology assessment, and new product development efforts. Supported the evolution of Gore’s digital health strategy as a subject matter expert on medical electronics and imaging. Provided expertise in electrochemistry, test method development, nanomaterials, wearable technology, active/smart materials, interventional therapies, and neurostimulation as a new business developer, inventor, and innovator.

New Concept Development Group - Bioelectronics Lead Engineer (2013 – 2018)
Drove multiple early-stage research, technology assessment, and new product development efforts. Supported the evolution of Gore’s digital health strategy as a subject matter expert on medical electronics and imaging. Provided expertise in electrochemistry, test method development, nanomaterials, wearable technology, active/smart materials, interventional therapies, and neurostimulation as a new business developer, inventor, and innovator.

Cardiovascular Imaging Team - Principle Engineer (2012 – 2013)
Targeted hire for development of a disposable cardiovascular ultrasound imaging catheter. Responsible for analog RF design and ultrasound modelling, optimization of image quality, noise immunity, electrical safety, minimization of cross talk, and interfacing to partner imaging platforms.


Medical and Industrial Ultrasound (1997 – Present)
Systems designer specializing in medical and industrial ultrasound including therapeutic and diagnostic ultrasound, NDT/NDE, and ultrasound measurement and control applications. Provide technical advice, analysis, and design support to academic researchers and the ultrasound industry. Experienced in physical acoustics, RF/analog circuit design, digital hardware design, custom prototype construction, embedded software applications, and technology venture evaluation.

Interactive Exhibition Design (2001– Present)
Interactive exhibition designer, installation artist, and adjunct professor of Physical Computing at Temple University. Have created custom hardware and software for clients including The Please Touch Museum, Madrid Abierto, The Independence Seaport Museum, The Gulf Coast Exploreum, and The Franklin Institute.

QUANTASON LLC, Philadelphia, PA

VP, System Development and Integration (2009 – 2012)
Headed a team developing a next generation diagnostic ultrasound breast screening technology. Patented algorithms for detection and localization and developed approaches for practical implementation. Managed a group of 7 engineers and physicists. Designed and prototyped specialized skin contact acoustic sensors. Directed basic research into optimization and coordinated the integration of the technology into a major medical partner's imaging platform.


Director of Research and Development (November 1997 – June 2007)
Founding member of a team which developed several high-powered therapeutic ultrasound systems. Investigated the use of ultrasound therapy in cardiac applications. Designed hardware to acquire digitized RF data from a commercial medical imaging engine. Wrote and administered phase I and II SBIR grants to develop an ultrasonic prostate cancer detection/biopsy guidance system. Detection algorithm ran on a SHARC processor network embedded in a PC platform, DSP code was written in C++, and user interface was created using Visual C++/MFC. System was interfaced with a commercial ultrasonic imager and entered clinical trials in October 2000. Applied for 2 patents related to this technology.


Senior Staff Scientist (March 1993 - November 1997)
Senior Staff Scientist in charge of ultrasonic research and analog circuit development. Designed the thin film piezoelectric transducer and HF analog front-end electronics used in an ultrasonic load-measurement system. Wrote firmware and user interface software in Borland C++. Modeled the ultrasonic transducer using PIEZOCAD and developed a model of acoustic propagation within a fastener for use in house. Applied for 4 PATENTS related to enhancement of the technology. The detection and excitation electronics were designed to interface with automated tightening equipment and were miniaturized and optimized for low power operation.


Research Assistant (Oct. 1987 - Oct. 1992)
Ph.D candidate working in the field of Biomedical Ultrasound. Developed and tested a model of ultrasonic wave propagation in biological tissue-like media. Project was funded by a two year NSF award. Ph.D. dissertation focused on including the effects of nonlinear acoustic phenomena into the propagation model.


Apparatus, Systems, and Methods for Percutaneous Delivery of Neurostimulation Arrays
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Transcutaneous Sound Sensor
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Implantable Cardiac Sensor
US Application 20200196876, Minor, David; Vecchio, Chris; Trapp Benjamin.
23 December 2019.

Medical Treatment System Using Measurement Data from Multiple Sensors
US #11,540,731 Minor, David; Vecchio, Chris; Trapp, Benjamin,
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Implantable Medical Device with Adjustable Bloodflow
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23 December 2019.

Implantable Devices Capable of Selective Degradation
US Publication 20170196673, Vecchio, Chris; Cully, Edward
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Method for locating the position of a microcalcification in a human breast
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Method for detecting and locating a target using phase information
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Use of Coded Excitation Schemes in the Detection and Location of a Target in a Human Body
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Non-Invasive Ultrasound Cardiac Pacemaker and Defibrillator
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Apparatus and method for locating therapeutic seeds implanted in a human body
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Minimizing the effect of bending on ultrasonic measurements in a load-bearing member
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Technique for eliminating ambiguity when making pulse-echo timing measurements
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