By picking up the Cube and rotating it, the user modifies the sound and light in the room. The (over 500) samples in this installation were gathered from a wide range of sources including police scanners, popular music, short wave and CB radio, and by using peer-to-peer networks to search the internet for randomly (inadvertently?) shared audio content. The broad range of sources references the instrumental use of sound samples in music as well as one of the most common technological interactions:surfing - web surfing, channel surfing, or tuning across a radio band.

The Cube presents an ambiguous user interface that is simultaneously engaging, mysterious, and surprising. It is intended to act as a portal to a broad spectrum of audio content. Elements of both chance and control are at play as the user navigates through a maze of different sonic regions, triggering sound effects, sampling music, and eavesdropping on private conversations.

(6"x6"x6") 5/2004

The Cube at the Borowsky Gallery

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