Christopher Vecchio
804 South 12th Street
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Philadelphia, PA 19147
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Evidence of Toolmaking

Experiments in Marquetry




My work explores the relationship between man and technology. I am concerned that, as technology becomes increasingly complex, people are becoming increasingly alienated from the objects which surround and sustain them. Technology is merely an extension and reflection of man. In fact, no objects contain more of man's essence than do his tools. Consequently, a division between man and technology is as artificial as one between man and art. If we sense a division, it is because we have lost the emotional link to technology. In order to stem the trend toward alienation, I believe that people need to become less afraid to develop intellectual and, even more importantly, emotional connections with technological objects. For this to occur, technology must become more ergonomic — physically, emotionally, and aesthetically. Both the users and the creators of technological objects must (re)learn to "celebrate the mechanism".

“I love technology but when people stop walking on the down escalator I get concerned.”

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Physical Computing at Temple University

Printed Circuit Walls

Supplemental Shrubbery Sound Source


Physical Computing at Temple

Use them, abuse them, flog them, and fuse them, but never make alliances with electrical applianc

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